Thursday, 16 June 2011

Should Alex McLeish be the new Aston Villa manager?

I have always been a life long Villa fan and over the last few years it has been a very tough time being one. Things were all good and dandy until (in my opinion) Martin O'Neill left. After the fiasco of his departure the club seemed to lose track of what they wanted and where we were going. First of all appointing Gerard Houillier was a BIG mistake in my eyes, yes he bought Darren Bent but apart from that what good did he do?

Obviously this is all in the past now as we are going through a similar problem with finding his replacement. There have been a fair few names mentioned in the press such as David Moyes, Frank Rjakaard and Steve Mclaren. The first choice for the club was Carlo Anchelotti, which I think would of been a great appointment, but unfortunately he wanted to take a year out from football. Then came the resignation of Mark Hughes which many thought was provoked by the vacant Villa post. Yet the club decided against because of the way Mark Hughes resigned. I can understand the decision to a point but I still think he would of been a good choice.

Several days after this they approached Roberto Martinez, who after having a big boost of confidence from Dave Whelan (Wigans chairman) decided to stay with the Latics. I personally think fair play to him. Obviously Villa are a bigger club but he had built himself a decent squad and his players loved him.

Now comes the biggest twist in the saga, Alex McLeish. I really can't think for the life of me what Randy Lerner is thinking even contemplating him. First of all he is the former Blues boss, Lerner must of known this wouldn't go down to well with the fans. Second, what has he actually proved in English football? Yes he won the Carling cup (well they were handed it on a plate by Arsenal), but they also got relegated. Now to me appointing a manager who just got your local rivals relegated is madness!!!

I do want to stress that I don't agree with the fans who have de-faced the training ground though. I think it is most irresponsible and down right stupid. What happens next is anyone's guess, but after reading today's paper it seems as though McLeish is going to get the job.

God help us is all I can say!!! 

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