Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Help and advice with new builds

Construction of your home is one of the most thrilling projects you can embark on. It can also be the most agonising one. The problems that you may run into are comparable to the problems you face when building in North America. But, evading them at the right time is more crucial. And the failure to do so can turn your new home dreams into a total nightmare.

Here are the five biggest problems you will run into while executing a new construction project, and how to avoid them.

The biggest problem you are going to face is a lack of data of the processes. This inclines to lead you into putting too much dependence on your contractor. This trust in your contractor is acceptable, if you have the right contractor. But without awareness and understanding of the market, it will not be possible. The other important thing you can do is teach yourself. Talk to builders, professionals, and other individuals who have had new construction work done. Explore everything you can, and review every step with your new contractor. Also in my personnel opinion I would suggest looking in to all the aspects of the construction including building regulations and planning permission. Just because a builder tells you it meets all the criteria its best to make sure yourself, as in the future you do not want to have to be tearing it down because it didn’t meet certain rules.

The next problem that comes up is usually theissue with the construction site. If your builderprovides you an estimate, but runs into issues later because of the obstructions related to your site, you are going to be the one to pay for it. Make sure you visit your construction site with your builder before work starts and you get your assessment.

Another issue that you may face as an owner is the poor quality due to the main contractor not doing periodic assessments. Make sure that your main contractor understands the significance of periodic inspections of his employees and subcontractors work. You should accompany your contractor on some of these inspections to check the work for yourself.
It is imperative to follow up with your contractor to make sure that deadlines are met, or at least you know the status of your project at any time. A regular follow up is highly advisable.Make certain that you have set dates for construction landmarks. And follow up on these dates. Don't be overly upset if deadlines are not on target, it is going to happen. But at least you will be aware about where your project is on its time schedule.

Last but not the least; you may observe that attention to detail is not as convincing as it should have been. It’s not because the quality is bad, it's just the final touches may not be as professional done as what you are used to. Make sure you are working with a builder who has worked plenty of times in the past. There are construction builders who have been trained on construction standards, so they know exactly what most customers look for in their work. But as we all know there are plenty of cowboy builders out there who are just trying to make a quick buck out of innocent people.

Your newly build home can be a dream come true. But, it can just as easily be a nightmare if you work with the incompetent builder and don't watch out for these problems. Always discuss your upcoming construction project with everybody, especially people who have experienced the type of work that you are looking for.

Before writing this I spoke to friends who had either had conservatories or extensions built. Some said they had no problems what so ever, yet a few people I have been chatting to online have had many problems. Some even, (as I said above) have had local authorites come to inspect the property and have found it didn't meet certain building regulations and therefore have had to pull down the construction. So like I say it is imperitive that you make sure everything is in perfect order before starting.

Make the construction of your house the dream that is supposed to be. Your new home will reward you with a lifetime of memories.

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