Monday, 20 June 2011

Building Regulations and Home Extensions

When you are thinking about home extensions, before you start, you need to know certain building regulations. Individuals, who are not aware of these regulations, mostly run into a series of problems in the long run. Understand these house extension building regulations so that you stay on the right track and start building soon.

The most important thing that you need to remember before you start building is the fact that you must obey all the building regulations that are set in place. Those who don’t obey these regulations will need to start over or at least resolve what the inspector recommends. This is why you need to know the regulations before you start drawing out your plans and building your extensions. I have read of a few people that have planned to build a conservatory but because they did not check out or meet the building regulations for conservatories they were then made to tear down the building. This is something that no one would want to have to do so make sure you follow the regulations to the book.

When drawing out your plans for you extension you must be able to have the exact height that the extensions are going to be. The inspector will ask these types of questions and you need to show your measurements. Once, the plans have been finalized, there should be no need to make the building any different than your approved measurements.

The length of the expansion must also be determined as well as documented for the inspector. Again, this has to be included in the plans that you are submitting. If you do not get the correct measurements you could end up ruining the extension completely. Make sure you are complying with all the regulations otherwise you are going to spend a lot of time fixing your plans before you even start building.

Regulations pertaining to safety also need to be obeyed when you start building. Once everything has been set up, an inspector will walk through to make sure that everything is safe and ready to go. If you miss even a small thing during the process at all, you may not get the approval stamp that you are hoping for and instead there will be more adjustments to make.

Once the inspector walks through your newly constructed extension, you will be able to get the final approval subject to the fact that you followed the regulations as well as made sure that everything has been set in place for safety purposes. If the inspector notices anything out of the ordinary, they will obstruct to make sure that you are responsive of the changes that need to be made.

There are a few structures that you can build without getting involved into any kind of inspection or house extension building regulations. Structures for instance garden sheds and garages can be built without the necessity to call an inspector. Look into the list of structures that you may build without worrying about too much hassle. Although some people think that you do not need building regulations for conservatories, this is just a myth. Any structure over a certain size MUST meet building regulations and safety regulations.

Home extension building regulations are not difficult to find and follow. The fact is, you must be certain that you are obeying rules in order to construct a structure that will stay strong for many years to come. Make sure you understand the regulations thoroughly so that you know what needs to be done.

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