Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Conservatory Madness!!!

Countless homeowners have considered the option of adding a new conservatory into their homes in order to increase the living space in their home, increase the value of their home, or just to sit back and enjoy the feeling of the outdoors. Regardless of your reasons for designing a new conservatory, you will be able to create a tailor-made design with personalised windows, doors, and floor plan. You can even use plain double glazing with decorative double glazing in order to construct the wonderful conservatory for your home. But before you think of doing so you will need to speak to your local authorities with regards to building regulations for conservatories and planning permission for conservatories, as in most cases, not all, you will have to meet certain requirements.

AdditionalGround Space for Your Home
Ground space is frequently at a premium in many homes and who wouldn't gain from the addition of extra living space or an activity room? A conservatory is a multi-purpose room that can be used for any purpose at all.Usually added to the rear of a property, they are generally private areas that can be used by any member of the family or even visitors.

Panoramic View
Gardens and other backyard spaces are becoming more and more significant every day to most of the homeowners. Not only we spend time and play with our kids, let the pets roam the garden but we also sit and relax, prepare and eat meals, and even entertain our guests in gardens and on patios. A conservatory is not only an extension of our home but can also be an extension of the garden itself; a spectacular way to amalgamate indoor and outdoor areas.

Personalized Conservatory Designs
By using contemporary materials and high quality double glazing products a conservatory design can be created to match your precise requirements and needs. You can make your own conservatory design so that it has the exact kind of windows and doors that you like. You can even choose the height of the wall, type of doors, and the timbre of the roof.

Different Styles of Conservatory

Lean-To - The lean-to conservatory is typically the inexpensive and simplest conservatory designs. Also known as the sun room, it offers an accessible way to include a conservatory on any property even the height restricted homes such as bungalows. Also this particular one does not tend to need planning permission for this conservatories design.

Edwardian - The rectangular shape of the Edwardian style conservatory means that it is also known as a Georgian conservatory. Its form allows you to utilize every inch of new area that you create.

Victorian - A Victorian style is pretty comparable to an Edwardian style conservatory except that it also includes either three or five facets to give a more rounded design. This provides a panoramic view of the garden and offers a maximum level of sun light within the conservatory itself.

Gable - The Gable conservatory does not involve any drainage or guttering and normally comprises of a design element such as a sunburst. The high pitched roof provides a real sense of space to any newly constructed conservatory.

P Shape - The p shape is possibly the largest of all the conservatory designs and blends both a lean-to conservatory and either a Victorian or Edwardian design.

If you still are unsure as to whether a conservatory is the right choice for you or if your just curious as to the processes involved I have found a very good website which will shine a lot of light on it. I shall post the link to them site below.

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